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Welcome Parents, Booksellers, Teachers and Librarians! Meet Bad Kitty! 
Bad Kitty doesn't mean to be bad ... she just always seems to get herself into trouble.  Whether she is trying to be a good little kitty and eat her vegetables or be a quiet little kitty and behave at a birthday party, it seems that trouble finds a way to her.  This loveable, relatable character is a perfect introduction to chapter books for young readers.  Children will fall in love with Bad Kitty - and be roaring with laughter at all of her antics.     


Bad Kitty Costume

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Praise for the Bad Kitty series

“It’s Bad Kitty’s unapologetic, curmudgeon nature that delivers the laugh-out-loud funny.”—Publishers Weekly

“Bruel’s fast-paced humor is just right for the beginning chapter book set . . . A frenzied fusion of fiction and nonfiction with plenty of appeal for young readers.” —School Library Journal

Nick Bruel Q&A

Educator Resources
Feel free to use these Bad Kitty curriculum guides in your classroom or library.


Bob and Otto Palindromes   



Let's Rhyme


On each page are two themes within which students can try to find a word to match every letter of the alphabet.  It's not as easy as it might seem.
(That's why it took Nick Bruel over six months to write the manuscript to the original Bad Kitty)


Name Sounds ABCs



Sport Sounds ABCs