Meet Nick Bruel

NICK BRUEL is the author and illustrator of, among other books, BAD KITTY, POOR PUPPY, BAD KITTY GETS A BATH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BAD KITTY and BAD KITTY VS. UNCLE MURRAY. A former bookseller, Nick used his quirky sense of humor and cartooning skills to get out from behind the bookstore counter and onto the shelves. But Nick was a born writer. When he was in first grade, he loved nothing more than to write stories and make drawings to go along with them, which he still does to this day. Nick claims that, if he were to be compared to any of his characters, he would definitely be “Strange Kitty” from HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BAD KITTY. According to Nick, “I was definitely the cat who would go to a birthday party and spend the entire time sitting in the corner reading comic books, rather than participate in all the pussycat games.”

Nick lives with his wife Carina, daughter Isabel, and cat Esmerelda in Tarrytown, New York. During his down time, he collects PEZ dispensers and grows tomatoes in the backyard. For a full list of MacKids titles by Nick (much to Bad Kitty's chagrin), visit Nick Bruel's author page